Start-up helps enterprises target net zero

18 May, 22

A new way to understand carbon footprinting has been developed enabling large businesses, enterprises, investment funds and organisations to evaluate their emissions quickly and accurately- helping big businesses reduce carbon emissions.

The start-up, Minimum, has reimagined the way businesses and enterprises manage their emissions, providing a hybrid approach; combining software that is fast and accurate with expert advice. The innovative software allows large businesses with complex supply chains and a global workforce to truly understand their impact on the planet. With this new technology companies can move away from the often costly, manual approach many businesses have been forced to rely on.

With the use of a library of methodologies, Minimum’s approach provides a dashboard for companies to get to net zero, using software that seamlessly integrates with a business’s internal systems, to help understand emissions across Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3.

With this knowledge, companies then have the opportunity to offset with projects that are, vetted by minimum, reflecting the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting. From tree planting to reducing charcoal cooking stoves, Minimum’s offset projects are curated and global.

This new approach to carbon management is faster and cheaper, providing companies with the ability to manage the process themselves. Even with hard-to-measure carbon footprints, Minimum’s methodologies truly capture the nuance of a business’ impact on the environment and can evaluate across supply chains, building a picture of business emissions.

Acting CEO and co-founder, Chris Winchurch says Minimum’s approach will make it easier for large corporations to effectively manage their impact on the world as corporate focus moves from Net Zero goal-setting, towards real implementation over the coming years and decades. He says:

“It’s vital all companies and organisations adequately set aside resources to implement the initiatives and measures that are required to achieve their emission reduction goals. Minimum’s cloud-based software allows large Enterprises to effectively run, coordinate, and monitor their climate management activities: from data collection and automated calculation, through initiative management, through offsetting and mandatory regulatory disclosures. Our unique world-leading approach can help asset managers and complex enterprises with large supply chains, many offices, operations across multiple continents, and tens of thousands of employees, take holistic control of their impact on the planet and give them the tooling they need to manage that impact over time, while progressing towards their Net Zero goals.”

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