Response To Scrappage Scheme For Low Income Londoners.

23 October, 19

Responding to the Mayor of London’s new polluting vehicle scrappage scheme for low-income and disabled Londoners, Silviya Barrett, Research Manager at Centre for London said:

“It has taken the Mayor eight months to deliver on his promise to help low-income and disabled Londoners to scrap their polluting cars.

“The launch of the scheme is good news in principle, but whether a £2,000 grant is enough to cover the costs of buying a new, cleaner vehicle is questionable.

“Alongside the scrappage scheme, the Mayor has announced other incentives, such as a year’s free membership of the Santander bike hire scheme, to help people to make greener journeys. But if we’re really going to reduce car use, then the grant should also be available in the form of mobility credits to spend on public transport, car clubs and taxi services too.

“While evidence shows the ULEZ is effective at reducing NO2, it is not reducing the finer PM2.5 particles that all vehicles, including fully electric ones, produce from tyre and road wear. These fine particles are some of the most threatening to Londoners’ health. To really tackle London’s toxic air, we need to move towards fewer cars, not just cleaner cars on our roads.

“That is why the Mayor should look to introduce a road user charging scheme that charges people on a per mile basis, depending on their vehicle’s contribution to local congestion and pollution.”

Photo Credit: Steve Cysewski

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