Quintex joins the Energy & Environment Alliance

22 April, 21

Quintex Systems, a market leader in energy management technology, has joined the Energy and Environment Alliance (EEA). The aim is to help accommodation businesses save energy and reduce carbon emissions in commercial kitchens. This is critical now more than ever as the damaging impacts of climate change on biodiversity, wellbeing and long-term prosperity are increasingly apparent.

When the hospitality industry reopens its doors post COVID-19, new challenges will be faced. Ensuring new procedures are followed to guarantee guests’ safety will create extra responsibility and the imperative focus on sustainability may be delayed by some businesses who are struggling to survive financially. It is also likely that some managers may not wish to burden staff with extra tasks on top of those that will be encountered due to new legislation. Consequently, behaviour changes that would improve environmental performance may be unlikely straight away.

This is where Quintex patented DCKV system will help businesses; Cheetah, is the first technological solution made widely available to EEA members. It is an installation of a network of smart sensors into kitchen canopies/hoods. This technology ensures cooking activity is continuously monitored and the speed of both the extract and air supply is controlled to meet the required conditions. With this system, significant energy cost savings can offer payback on the initial investment in under two years.

One brand that has adopted the use of Quintex patented system is EEA member Radisson Edwardian. The value for its Heathrow property was recognised due to the size and function of the hotel. Offering 464 rooms each night, 42 conference rooms (fitting up to 1000 guests) and 3 dining outlets, the kitchens during their peak operating times are busy, hot and loud. This is contrasted on quieter days which came with heavily reduced activity. Many changes have been made across its portfolio, including a drive to create and develop a strong sustainability policy. This is critical, as sustainability is needed to attract and retain business clients. The vision of a strong sustainability policy is enhanced through the use of the Cheetah system and it is accepted as a win-win investment.

The approximate total equivalent of energy saved is that of the total of 10 medium sized houses annually.

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of EEA said, “Commercial kitchens can be highly pressurised environments with all hands-on deck focused on customer service. On Earth Day, we at the EEA are delighted to announce the partnership with Quintex to bring innovative automation that will reduce energy usage, cut carbon emissions and save cost, without adding any additional burden on the teams servicing commercial kitchens. The EEA strives to identify the behaviour and technology changes needed to decarbonise the hospitality industry. Such technology is critical and should be adopted where possible and relevant.”

Emma Brooks, Managing Director Quintex said, “We are delighted to be part of the EEA and look forward to supporting the EEA Technical Forum. Through the forum we aim to gather market intelligence, to identify trends that allow us to expand on the innovation in the technological and commercial solutions we create. This partnership will not only be great for us, but the industry as a whole as we all push forward to reach our 2050 goals”.

Lawrence Barnes, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager at Edwardian Hotels London, said: “Energy saving technologies from companies like Quintex are the route to the future. They create greater efficiencies and a deeper understanding of inhouse energy intensity. They will also enhance our environmental performance and help raise the brand’s image.”

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