Protega global invests in net zero with planet mark partnership

13 July, 23
Protega Global Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable packaging, has partnered with Planet Mark to set a target of reaching carbon neutrality by 2029.

Protega Global Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable packaging, has partnered with Planet Mark to set a target of reaching carbon neutrality by 2029. Protega’s commitment will see the company collaborate with Planet Mark to achieve the certification and further build on its sustainability pledges.

Eden Project-backed Planet Mark is a business certification that helps organisations understand and integrate environmental standards into their broader sustainability strategy. Planet Mark undertakes a thorough impact analysis, breaking firms’ emissions down into component parts so that they truly understand their impact on the environment. This data analysis helps companies strengthen commercial resilience, enhancing their brand association and future-proofing operations.

Planet Mark separates operational emissions into Scopes 1, 2, and 3. Their main differences are the sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that they cover. The business benefits of measuring via these categories are supply chain transparency, driving efficiency and cost reduction opportunities, engaging with suppliers (to reduce emissions across the supply value chain), and risk mitigation – all of which will be tapped into by Protega.

Daniel Willock, Protega’s Marketing Manager, explained: “We are on a green journey, and sometimes on a journey you need a little support. Planet Mark certification will help us to achieve our sustainability and net zero goals by 2029 – a full 21 years before government mandated net zero targets are required to be met. This is an exciting partnership with masses of potential for our company.”

Protega has already made great strides towards reaching net zero targets through its actions, including installing solar panels and electric vehicle charging points at its headquarters and sourcing the entire complex’s energy from green energy suppliers. The company has a committed and vibrant internal team constantly sourcing new ideas and technologies that reduce its environmental impact.
Committing to Planet Mark will see Protega benchmark future sustainability pledges and green goals against data-driven, science-based targets to improve annually as the company speeds towards 2029. Active for over a decade and trusted by over 600 organisations, Planet Mark is the ideal sustainability partner for Protega. Additionally, Protega’s valued customers will be reassured by the Planet Mark certification as it will highlight the value of the company’s products in the battle against climate change; ensuring that they have the best possible sustainable packaging solutions for their organisations.

Daniel Willock continued: “Planet Mark certification helps with compliance to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 requirements, and helps companies contribute to nine UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and address 19 other SDG targets. Measuring carbon emissions along with your social value contributions can strengthen a company’s ESG strategy – something we, as a sustainable packaging producer and supplier, are absolutely committed to doing. This is an exciting partnership which will see further investment in sustainable technologies, many of which will put the company front and centre on sustainability and green goals.”

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