Growth of green construction fuels Dura Products expansion

11 April, 22

Sustainable construction and building design have never been more important for the construction industry. A crucial component of the built environment – which contributes some 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions[1] – the rising demand for green construction demonstrates the industry’s growing awareness and commitment to enact change. Highlighting the impact of this movement, green construction innovators, Dura Products, has announced details of its planned expansion to meet demand.

The company manufactures sustainable road kerbs and drainage solutions using recycled polymers, providing the construction industry with a sustainable alternative to traditional concrete products. This includes its lightweight, award-winning kerb, Durakerb, its combined kerb and drainage (CKD) system, Duradrain; and its heavy-duty linear surface drainage system, Durachannel. Over the past few years, the company has enjoyed a steady pace of growth, accumulating 58% sales growth in 2020, 90% in 2021, while a further anticipated growth of 65% is expected in 2022.

Production has expanded at an equally rapid rate, from 27,000 units in 2019, 44,000 in 2020, 82,000 in 2021 and a projected 135,000 units in 2022. With big ambitions to assist the global construction industry in its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, the company announced it is investing over €150,000 this year in new tooling and further expansion of its production facilities to support sustainable growth, whilst further reducing the overall environmental footprint of each unit produced.

This expansion will bring opportunities for its partners and the wider supply chain generally as part of its sustainable and responsible business strategy. This includes its long-term goal of holding more stock locally to reduce the emissions generated during transportation. For example, its production facility in Romania is well-positioned to respond to the current growth in Europe, with projects secured across Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Building for the future

Further to the investment in production facilities, Dura Product has announced the appointment of a new administrator to support its international supply chain network. Joining the team at a critical time, Nicoleta Cuptor brings three years of experience in the logistics industry and aside from its production and warehouse team, is the company’s first skilled bilingual employee, dealing with business to business.

Speaking about the role, Nicoleta said: “I’m excited to join such an innovative and environmentally-friendly company that is encouraging real change within the construction industry. As the business expands throughout Europe, I look forward to playing a key role by facilitating projects using Dura Products and ensuring our partners and customers have everything they need to deliver a more sustainable built environment.”

Steve Bennett, Managing Director, Dura Products added: “As construction companies around the world recognise the impact of their environmental performance, a shift to using more sustainable materials has gone hand in hand with a greater focus on reducing emissions and protecting our planet. We’re delighted with the continued growth and uptake of the Dura Products line, as the industry recognises the benefits of repurposing plastics to create sustainable, lightweight and durable materials. By expanding our capacity through investment and growing our team, we’re in a great position to look to a greener, more sustainable future for the construction industry.”

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