10 years of guaranteed energy savings through on-site generation

19 January, 21

Businesses are being offered guaranteed savings of up to 30% on their energy bills by leading independent power generation specialist Ylem Energy.

The Salford-based company says that energy from the National Grid is forecast to become significantly more expensive, driven by a whole range of non-commodity charges. And these third-party charges are unavoidable unless a business can generate its own energy or significantly reduce consumption. So, Ylem is encouraging businesses to switch to on-site generation and storage as a proven means of cutting costs.

The company is so confident it can save customers money it is offering a guarantee to lower business electricity bills for at least 10 years through its Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA).

Jon Feingold, Ylem Energy’s business development director, said: “On-site generation is an extremely effective means of cutting costs. Our experience shows that savings for some businesses could be as much as £300,000 per year and because sites where Ylem systems are installed remain connected to the National Grid, there is no risk of a loss of supply and no financial risk.

“It’s a unique solution that not only shields businesses from future energy price increases, but which provides a stepping-stone to a low carbon future. Ylem can also off set on-site generation with carbon credits, reducing overall carbon emissions as well as offering significant savings,” added Jon.

Under the DPPA, Ylem installs on-site gas generation systems, operating and maintaining the system for the entire period of the agreement. This allows customers to avoid the charges associated with buying power from the National Grid, while providing the security that if the on-site engine is not running, there is no charge.

Reinforcing its commitment to cutting costs for its customers, Ylem has also recently confirmed that in the unlikely event that energy prices fall so significantly that it becomes cheaper to buy from the Grid, the firm will suspend its DPPA with no take or pay.

Jon continued: “By opting for the DPPA, businesses can avoid the impact of peak rate tariffs and third-party charges that can make up 60% of an electricity bill, and there’s no need for capital investment. It’s a fully funded, win-win solution that comes at no cost to the customer and guarantees savings.

Where appropriate, Ylem will also install battery energy storage systems to combine the benefits of on-site generation with the ability to store energy, increasing resilience as well as cutting costs.

Ylem’s state-of-the-art on-site generation systems fully integrate with the sites they serve and help clients achieve sustainability targets. This includes installing systems that part or fully-operate on hydrogen fuel, supporting the UK’s legally binding targets for tackling climate change and decarbonising the grid.

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