Zencargo partners with Pledge to bring climate transparency and action to supply chains

27 January, 22

Zencargo, the digital freight forwarder, has partnered with Pledge, the carbon measurement and removal API-oriented platform, to seamlessly offer companies SKU-level footprint visibility across all shipments and access to a high-quality carbon offsetting marketplace to take climate action on these emissions.

With freight transport and logistics activities accounting for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the sector presents a significant opportunity for cutting global emissions. More and more companies want to take climate action but footprint calculation is a manual and time-consuming process, and the process of purchasing high-quality carbon offsetting projects is laborious. By partnering with Pledge, Zencargo will help customers shine a light on their Scope 3 emissions, enabling them to offset the resulting footprints to yield optimal supply chain performance.

Pledge is an embedded climate infrastructure platform that allows carriers and freight of forwarders to integrate climate solutions – such as footprint measurement, reduction and offsetting – into their customer experience quickly and easily, in order for their customers to get an instant view of emissions and take action.

Pledge handles all the complexities of robust carbon accounting from data integration to compliance with the strictest standards and globally recognised methodologies and frameworks such as GHG, GLEC and ICAO. Through its carbon offsetting marketplace, customers have access to verified carbon projects and removal technologies. Partner selection is based on the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting with projects vetted by independent experts and registries. Its API-first approach also means it is easy to integrate, ensuring rapid time to value as well as an optimal user experience.

Zencargo has built a digital platform designed to optimise how large shipping companies and their customers manage and move cargo, enabling businesses to be more sustainable, efficient, and accurate in their logistics operations to maximise end-to-end supply chain value. Through supply chain management, Zencargo reduces carbon output by up to 15%.

“It’s more important than ever for companies to make climate-conscious supply chain decisions that will enable them to grow sustainability and satisfy stakeholder demands around emissions,” said Alex Hersham, Zencargo CEO and co-founder. “At Zencargo, we believe that we can make freight forwarding more sustainable using technology. Working with Pledge means we can support our customers in achieving more and more ambitious climate action goals.”

“At Pledge, we believe the first step for businesses to become climate aware and start their sustainability journey is understanding their climate impact,” said David de Picciotto, Pledge Co-founder and CEO. “Companies should know their carbon footprint as well as they know their balance sheet. We’re excited to help Zencargo’s customers bring footprint visibility and frictionless offsetting capabilities to accelerate the decarbonisation of supply chains.”

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