Vegan sweets with a side of sustainability!

11 March, 22

UK based confectionary retailer Vegan All Sorts recently launched Sad Bags to minimise packaging wastage and help protect the planet, whilst allowing customers to save £1 on their favourite vegan sweets.

To take advantage of the discount, customers can select the additional “800g Sad Bag” dropdown option for Mega Bags, Fizzy Mega Bags and Fizz Free Mega Bags, allowing the Vegan All Sorts team to use packaging that is “re-sealable as always but has the incorrect product name on the front” such as ‘BonBon Mega Bag’ or ‘Cola Mega Bag’.

Vegan All Sorts Co-Founder Dario Marinelli said the newest addition to the website will help the vegan confectionary retailer minimise their impact on the environment whilst allowing customers to enjoy a great discount on their favourite pick n’ mix sweets.

He said: “Our customers, like us, are always looking at ways to protect the environment. With Sad Bags, we give new and returning customers the ability to save £1, and in turn, allow us to make use of packaging that would otherwise be unutilised.”

In addition to Sad Bags, Vegan all Sorts also regularly stocks Sad Sweets, which are broken or misshapen sweets that “don’t quite make the cut”. For every bag of Sad Sweets sold, Vegan All Sorts plants one tree, supporting the work carried out by the International Tree Foundation (ITF), which strives to “plant and grow trees, restore and conserve forests and strengthen community and ecosystem resilience”.

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