Timberland Partners With Treedom To Plant 26,000 Trees In Ghana.

11 December, 19

Timberland believes that a greener future is a better future. In pursuit of this vision, the global outdoor lifestyle brand recently launched a commitment to plant 50 million trees in the next 5 years.

This bold goal builds on Timberland’s longstanding commitment to better product, stronger communities and a greener world. One key area of focus has been tree planting; since 2001, the brand has planted more than 10 million trees worldwide.

Timberland believes that reforestation has the power to save our planet. Trees help to clean air by removing carbon and releasing oxygen into the air; cool the air through evaporation; prevent erosion and save water, and more. Over the next five years, Timberland will work with various tree planting partners to support multiple re-forestation initiatives around the world in support of a greener future. One key partners is Treedom, which offers its expertise in agroforestry systems to the project.

Across the scope of the project, Timberland and Treedom will plant over 26,000 trees within the Great Green Wall Project in Ghana, geolocating the trees, photographing them and creating a unique profile for each tree, including a tree diary. The “Great Green Wall Project” is an 8,000km long forest project north of the Daka River, spanning the entire width of Africa. The aim of the project is to fight climate change, drought, famine, conflicts and migration. The Timberland Forest will absorb 25 million KG of CO2 and involve 1530 farmers.

Starting from the month of December, A Treedom tree will be donated to all consumers who will visit one of the adhering Timberland stores across Europe, upfront a minimum spent of €150/200/£150.

To learn more about Treedom, the Great Green Wall and Timberland’s tree planting commitment please visit www.timberland.com

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