tcc and PURENorway partner to offer sustainably focused loyalty campaigns

9 March, 22

Global loyalty marketing specialist, tcc, has announced a new partnership with sustainability-focused Norwegian brand, PURENorway. The brand will allow its name and image to be used in marketing campaigns created by tcc.

PURENorway is led by brothers Morten Ovnerud, Even Ovnerud and Øystein Frustøl. The brand was founded to celebrate the Norwegian way of life and traditions, making products that encourage people to go outdoors, explore, and live harmoniously with nature.

The Nordic countries are among the world’s highest-ranking countries according to the 2018 Environmental Performance Index. They use 40% renewable energy and hold the world’s largest market share of electric vehicles. In keeping with this way of life, PURENorway passionately supports protecting the natural world and its products are made as sustainably as possible.

The core objective of the partnership is to raise awareness about how everyday choices can have a positive impact on the environment and encourage people to change their behaviour to benefit the planet. As such, Pure Norway campaigns will feature sustainably produced rewards that highlight key themes – such as the importance of recycling and plastic reduction – topics which are top of mind for shoppers.

25% of the ranges in tcc portfolio are rewards made with sustainable materials (post-consumer recycled materials for example), optimized packaging and addressing sustainability topics such as circularity. Depending on the campaign, shoppers can select from a mix of high-quality homeware, cookware, or toys made from recycled materials. Such campaigns are attractive for grocers, who can offer initiatives that drive return visits and dwell times while also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability throughout their store.

tcc’s own research has shown that 90% of shoppers believe supermarkets can support them to make more sustainable choices, while nearly eight in 10 (78%) now make purchasing decisions based on whether products are environmentally friendly.

Commenting on the partnership, Nicolas Garrelly, Global Head of Sustainability at tcc, said: “Retail loyalty campaigns have an often-overlooked power – to enable and encourage people to live more sustainable and healthier lifestyles. The right campaign, supported by well-designed products, can give a purpose to huge amounts of recycled material and make a real impact on millions of people. This partnership will allow us to develop exciting, sustainable products alongside PURENorway, and we look forward to demonstrating how loyalty marketing can connect with the circular economy.”

Morten Ovnerud, Head of Sales at PURENorway, said: “tcc works with some of the world’s largest grocery retailers and partnering with them is a really exciting opportunity to share our products and mission with millions of new people. Together, we can help move retail sustainability forward using the format of loyalty rewards and appealing to the increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly goods. We look forward to joining tcc on what is a successful partnership for both businesses as well as the planet.”

A percentage of PURENorway’s turnover is donated to clean the ocean of plastic pollution, via its PURENorway Foundation.

tcc has also pledged to donate a percentage of the profits generated by the partnership to its own tcc Foundation, helping to support child development around the world.

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