SPAR supports the One Tree Planted campaign

29 September, 22

Leading symbol group, SPAR UK, is supporting the international brand’s 90th anniversary celebrations by giving back to communities and planting 12,500 trees all over England with leading organisation One Tree Planted.

The SPAR One Tree Planted campaign involves SPAR countries from across the globe, with all funds raised going towards the planting of trees. The aim is to raise as much as possible to uplift local communities, reduce environmental impact and help to build a sustainable future for all.

From January to June 2022, SPAR UK planted sixty-six varieties of trees and plants including Elder, Monterey Pine, Apple, and Juniper. The planting was spread out across England in micro-scale projects collaborating with the local communities and forests.

The forests include:

North East Community Forest
Cumbria Coastal Community Forest
White Rose Forest
Humber Forest
City of Trees
The Mersey Forest
Greenwood Community Forest
Forest of Mercia
Forest of Marston Vale
Forest of Avon
Great Western Community Forest
Thames Chase Community Forest
Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest

Suzanne Dover, SPAR UK Brand and Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted to be able to celebrate our international brand’s 90th anniversary with such a worthwhile project. Being at the heart of neighbourhoods, by protecting the environment for future generations to come, is central to who we are.

“The symbol of a tree is part of our global identity, and planting trees is hugely valuable in producing oxygen, supplying homes for wildlife as well as looking good in our landscape. SPAR One Tree Planted campaign is a fantastic way for us to contribute to increasing the tree cover across England.” she added.

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