Plastic: Design For Sustainability – Berlin Hosts Thought-Leadership Conference On Design, Sustainability And Materials.

12 August, 19

The value of plastic used by the consumer on a global scale is €1870bn – equating to over 300 million tonnes of polymer usage – per year. This growing preference to specify plastic in products highlights its superior performance over more tradition materials, due to its light weight, strength and design flexibility. However, the lack of ‘end-of-life’ solutions for such products and their leakage into the environment is casting doubt on its viability as a material. As a result, with an ever-increasing focus on the bearing that plastics have on the planet, designers, brand owners and all those involved in the plastics supply chain are under mounting pressure to develop products that have minimal impact on the environment, and designed with their end-of-life in mind to create a circular economy.

AMI’s Plastic: Design for Sustainability conference is targeting this issue, to offer opportunities for practitioners to consider how to link long-term sustainability with design and material development.

The two-day programme covers all aspects of designing plastics with sustainability in mind, from initial material choice – be it biopolymers or the increased use of recycled materials – through to the do’s and don’ts of designing for recyclability. Find out from the designers themselves, including BPO, FLEX DESIGN and BETTER FUTURE FACTORY, how they bridge the gap between sustainability and plastics. Hear first-hand from the recyclers on now to enhance the yield from waste plastics and design products to enable recycling and create circularity. Other key speakers on the programme include: MTM PLASTICS, P&G, PLASTIC RECYCLERS EUROPE and AVERY DENNISON, giving a truly holistic approach to designing for sustainability.

AMI conferences boast a truly international audience, from Europe to the United States and Asia. They offer unrivalled opportunities for representatives of the entire supply chain to share their experience and learn through interaction with colleagues, suppliers, customers and competitors.

In addition to the two-day programme, the conference includes plenty of networking opportunities and an exhibition area to enable attendees to connect. This AMI conference is the latest edition within its sustainability portfolio, drawing attention to this key topic. By hosting it in the dynamic city of Berlin, a UNESCO-appointed City of Design and innovative advocate of sustainability and development, AMI is bringing the right experts to the right place at the right time.

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