Optimising productivity in fashion retail with reusable POS displays

31 March, 21

Point of Sale (POS) displays are vital eyecatchers in fashion retail environments, where clothes need to be presented in a way that is both attractive as well as practical. However, there are some significant differences between traditional tables and bins and the latest reusable polymer units that forward-thinking retailers should be aware of. This case study explores the benefits of reusable POS stands and explains how they helped a major fashion retailer optimise productivity.

Fashion retail environments can be hectic, with staff juggling to serve customers and manage stock whilst keeping the POS displays tidy and presentable. Acknowledging these challenges, a leading fashion retailer decided to improve productivity and update the look and feel of its displays. It turned to Tosca for a solution.

With operations across Europe, the clothes retailer wanted to convey a consistent brand image across its stores. The POS stands were an integral part of this. Previously, the displays had consisted of a combination of mobile tables and wheeled bins. Unfortunately, they were cumbersome to assemble and move around, forcing staff to spend excessive time on these tasks. This set-up made it also difficult for customers to view and reach the products. Additionally, the old-fashioned tables and bins did not support the trendy brand image the retailer wanted to convey in its stores.

To address these challenges, Tosca suggested replacing the traditional displays with its Crystal-Clear Free-Standing Display Units (FSDU) together with ¼ dollies. Constructed of durable yet light polymer, the Crystal-Clear units are ideal for busy retail environments as they are quick and easy to move around. The sleek design ensures that they can be used across the departments where they are most needed: they fit neatly behind checkouts and inside changing rooms.

True to their name, the Crystal Clear FSDUs feature clear side panels, making it easy for staff to identify products during picking and replenishment to speed up the process. With improved visibility, customers can now clearly see when products are available and can reach them easily.

The units are also compact, giving the promotion optimal visibility while saving valuable floor space. The ¼ dollies make them easy to move around the shop floor, enabling the stand to be quickly repositioned to a new location if requirements change. As the Crystal-Clear units are reusable and fully recyclable, they also help the retailer reduce waste and improve sustainability. This is vital in an industry that is increasingly under scrutiny, with consumers expecting retailers to take a more environmentally conscious approach to fashion .

The retailer first trialled Tosca’s solution across its stores in the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain. The benefits to productivity were evident from the start: thanks to the more efficient and easy-to-use units, staff could carry out more tasks in less time. The streamlined and attractive design of the Crystal-Clear crates improved the look of the aisles, contributing to the overall image of the store.

Impressed with the results of the pilot study, the retailer wanted to introduce Crystal Clear to all its stores. It has since invested in a large pool of crates and dollies to which in turn has contributed to a significant improvement in productivity and lower operating costs, taking its efficiency to the next level.

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