NMi powers mobility infrastructure standardization with enhanced EV charging competencies

26 May, 21

The Netherlands Measurement Institute, NMi today announced its investment in new testing capabilities for EV charging systems. The added competencies enhance NMi’s consulting and validation capabilities for manufacturers of EV Charging Systems and electricity meters.

With an estimated 55 million chargers needed: globally by 2030, consistent standards are needed to ensure they are safe and reliable. Meanwhile, the market of fast charging DC systems is also growing apace. While many EV charging systems currently use a MID-certified electricity meter as a basis for measuring electrical energy delivered, hardly any overall standards exist.

That, however, is about to change. In the EU, Germany took initial steps towards standardization with the introduction of a new technical document for EV charging systems last fall — Elektromobilität – Messsysteme für Ladeeinrichtungen. Later this summer broader international controls also come into place with the publication of IEC’s standards for DC meters (62053-41).

Learn more about the current state of measurement standards for EV Charging Systems.

NMi’s investment addresses a growing call for expertise in this space. “EV charging system manufacturers have approached us for some time now, in search of clarity and guidance on certification aspects,” said Henri Schouten, Senior Expert at NMi. “With this investment, we have strengthened our position to help manufacturers better negotiate the evolving regulatory landscape and get their EV charging solutions tested and certified for market use.”

Already a resource for EV charging system manufacturers and industry stakeholders, NMi enhances its proficiency with the addition professional expertise, implementation of the German VDE Anwendungsregel for EV Charging Systems AR-E 2418-3-100, the new IEC 62053-41 and acquisition of a diverse mix of highly precise analytical equipment for AC and DC chargers, as well as DC electricity meters.

These added competencies coupled with NMi’s existing metrology expertise in a range of industries enhances consulting and testing services for EV charging systems stakeholder needs that include.

Consultancy Services:
– Regulatory Landscape
– German market positioning
– Testing Services in accordance with:
– EN 50470 standard for AC meters
– IEC 62053-41 testing for DC meters
– German document AR-E 2418-3-100

Sebastian Ewert from MAHLE GmbH, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry stated, “NMi recently tested our new EV Charging System, type chargeBIG series. Due to their fast and very competent testing services, we managed to obtain a German national type approval and we’re about to sell our products on the German market.”

Active participation in IEC and CENELEC TC 13, as well as WELMEC and OIML, together with its position as Notified Body for the German national legislation, positions NMi as the ideal partner for EV Charging Solution manufacturers and other industry stakeholders, for both the national German and international market.

For more information, visit NMi EV Services, or contact us for an EV Services Strategy Session.

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