New investment in product development makes Southgate a leading innovator in sustainable packaging

5 August, 21

Southgate Packaging one of Europe’s leading packaging suppliers, continues to invest in innovation and new product development, with a specific focus on sustainability. The firm is planning to make a significant investment in NPD over the next 12 months.

Southgate’s in-house team of product development specialists is highly focused on creating a new range of eco-friendly products and equipment. The team’s mission is to strengthen Southgate’s reputation as an industry leader in the development of sustainable products.

Tim Steer, Southgate’s Commercial Manager – whose remit includes NPD – said: “We are determined to continually invest in new product development, prioritising sustainability at every step. We aim to grow our range of alternative packaging products and machinery, while at the same time reducing plastic content, so that we are reducing the impact of packaging on the environment.”

Southgate is a committed member of the industrial movement towards creating a more sustainable, circular economy so that every one of its new products meets at least one of the three Rs: Reuse; Recycle; Reduce.

With this in mind, Southgate’s dedicated New Product Development team has developed the PWN4 air pillow system, which is its fastest small pillow system yet. Its compact size means that it is both mobile and flexible and can be moved around easily to suit customers’ requirements.

The PWN4 is the fastest machine on the market. The 4 speed modes of 4/6/8/10m per minute offer unbeatable speed without compromising on quality. Additionally, there is no heat-up phase, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The touchpad interface is easy to use and enables operators to adjust the heat and airflow quickly and efficiently. It starts and stops with the touch of a button, reducing time and product wastage.

Tim Steer, Commercial Manager – whose remit includes NPD – said: “Our PWN4 compact air pillow system enables customers to set a variable timer for air cushion production alongside variable temperature and air volume controls. Furthermore, it is compatible with both narrow air cushion chains and the wider air cushion matts meaning you are not restricted in the range of products that you can use.

“Our latest product launch is part of our mission to continually focus on product innovation and the development of new, eco-friendly packaging alternatives. We firmly believe that it is a must-have sustainable alternative for those using void fill.”

Southgate’s focus for 2021 and beyond will be to develop and promote the idea of a circular economy – inspiring businesses on an international scale to embrace a global solution to sustainability and eliminating waste. New product development is a major part of achieving this goal.

In the past year, Southgate launched a variety of sustainable packaging products from carton sealing, paper mailers and void fill, with plans to have a suite of sustainable options for every product. More new products are in its development pipeline.

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