National Government Support Needed To Make Mayor’s EV Vision A Reality.

18 June, 19

Reacting to the launch of the Mayor of London’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce Delivery Plan, released today (17 June 2019), Denise Beedell, Policy Manager for Vans and Urban at FTA, commented:

“As the organisation representing the logistics sector, FTA is pleased to see the Mayor of London has committed to ensuring commercial vehicles have access to charging points across London in the near future; an essential step in making his goal of a zero-carbon city by 2050 a reality. But charging points are only one piece of the puzzle; FTA is calling on the government to commit to a nationwide programme of upgrades to the grid infrastructure.

“The costs of increasing grid capacity to accommodate an EV Fleet at a depot can run to tens of thousands of pounds. And if the business moves out of the premises, they cannot take the power upgrade with them, meaning that they are effectively investing in an asset that they do not own; the next occupier benefits from the former occupant’s investment. While FTA and its members fully support the Mayor’s plan to increase the use of electric vehicles, this can only be achieved if the correct infrastructure is in place; while the EV Infrastructure Taskforce Delivery Plan provides clear guidance for planners, energy providers and business, ultimately, the government must play its part too.”

Efficient logistics is vital to keep Britain trading, directly having an impact on more than seven million people employed in the making, selling and moving of goods. With Brexit, new technology and other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more important to UK plc. A champion and challenger, FTA speaks to Government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector, with members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers.

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