Leading producer of eco-friendly wood paves the way for a sustainable future

3 May, 22

Kebony, a global leader in the production of sustainable wood, has today reaffirmed its commitment to the production of beautiful, stable, maintenance free and eco-friendly products with the launch of its Sustainability Report for 2021. Inspired by the GRI Standards reporting framework, the Report provides a transparent assessment of Kebony’s environmental impact to certify its sustainable credentials.

Commenting on the launch of Kebony’s Sustainability Report, Norman Willemsen, Chief Executive Officer at Kebony commented: “Now more than ever, we are witnessing key disruptive trends in the construction industry, resulting in a need for more, safer, and greener products. This trend further strengthens the position of Kebony as a global leader in sustainable wood modification technology. It is our strong belief that a timber construction revolution is on the rise.

“Innovative wood products and increasing recognition of wood’s cost effectiveness, versatility and light carbon footprint are driving its expanded use in residential and non-residential buildings. With this in mind, we are pleased to publicly reveal our Sustainability Report for 2021, which includes details of our non-financial impact as well as our improvement initiatives, marking the beginning of our sustainable accountability as we strive to continually improve our ESG performance.”

Headquartered in Norway, Kebony is underpinned by wood modification technologies, enabling it to produce an enhanced wood of a superior quality that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The Kebony® technology permanently transforms sustainable wood species such as pine into Kebony wood with features that are comparable, and in some cases superior, to those of previous tropical hardwoods. This unique environmentally friendly process is also a superior alternative to traditional wood treatment based on impregnation with biocides (wood preservatives).

Kebony effectively diverts the need for deforestation through the modification of sustainably sourced wood, acting with an eco-friendly conscience and a clear focus on its ESG efforts. Using the UN Sustainability Goals as a framework, the Sustainability Report assesses Kebony’s impact on the environment, identifying actions that will be taken to further minimise this and ensuring accountability across specific criteria.

The Sustainability Report provides an overview of Kebony’s values, improvement initiatives, the nature of equality and safety in the workplace, and its role in the sustainability space. Despite its sustainable outlook, the company does recognise that more can be done to reach complete sustainability as a company. The publicly accessible Sustainability Report marks the start of a new sustainability roadmap, for which Kebony will hold itself accountable and seek to make real positive change.

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