Introducing Feel Good Drinks, 100% natural new drinks

12 March, 21

Introducing Feel Good Drinks, a range of 100% natural, great tasting, fruitful sparkling waters with a sustainable and purpose-led ethos. Inspired by the feel -good moments in life, Feel Good Drinks is on a mission to make the world a better place and has created a fund to support social and environmental initiatives.

Feel Good Drinks are good for your tastebuds and your wellbeing, encouraging consumers to take a step back, enjoy and make time to think about what makes them feel good in life. Made from a blend of fruit and sparkling water, the range has no artificial flavours, added sugar or sweeteners and contains 15% juice content, just enough for that burst of flavour. The refreshing drinks come in three uplifting flavours; Peach & Passionfruit, Rhubarb & Apple and Raspberry & Hibiscus, all contain less than 27 calories per 330ml can in plastic free packaging and are suitable for vegans.

That’s not all, every drop does good too. The brand is committed to sustainability; focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and making the right choices for our planet and its communities. It reflects the needs of our increasingly fragile planet through their 3% People & Planet fund – donating 3% of sales to charities that support personal and planetary wellbeing.

Feel Good aims to keep their mission upbeat and positive by helping people make time for the things in life that make them feel good, they call them Feel Good Moments. Whether that’s a walk in the park, a yoga session, paddle-boarding or talking to your neighbour, Feel Good believes in the mantra that small steps make giant leaps. What’s your #FeelGoodMoment?

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