Heat battery pioneers Caldera and myenergi join forces to help homeowners make the most of green electricity

2 September, 21

Caldera, the heat battery company, has teamed up with greentech innovators myenergi to help homeowners ‘go electric’.

As more and more eco-minded homeowners switch to electricity to heat their homes and power their cars, there is a need for smart technologies to help savvy householders make the most of flexible tariffs and low-cost low-carbon generation.

myenergi specialises in the design and development of eco-smart home technologies, such as zappi – a groundbreaking EV charger that enables homeowners to charge their electric vehicles with 100 percent renewable energy and eddi – a clever system that controls how self-generated green electricity is used within the home.

Pioneering British start up Caldera is renowned for its groundbreaking Warmstone heat battery which heats up using cheap, green off-peak electricity. It then releases this heat when required to power a home’s heating and hot water.

The two firms have now paired up to develop a customised version of myenergi’s eddi controller, which will intelligently manage the energy supply into the Warmstone battery.

“Using low carbon electricity to heat our homes and power our cars is for most people the simplest and most affordable way to ‘go green’,” says Caldera chief executive James Macnaghten.

“Our heat battery can hold 100kWh of energy – more than enough heat and hot water for the average four-bedroom home. This stored heat energy is then delivered on demand to the water circuit that runs through your home, to heat radiators and deliver hot water, just like a traditional oil or gas boiler.

“The beauty of our Warmstone system is its simplicity. It can be charged at a time to suit – usually at off peak times when costs are low.

“This is why we are so delighted to be working with myenergi – they are the real experts in eco-smart technology and their controller will allow householders to rest easy, knowing that their Warmstone heat battery is charging at the optimum time.”

Jordan Brompton, co-founder and chief marketing officer at myenergi, added: “As the UK moves towards net zero, millions of homes will switch to low carbon electricity, with increasing use of flexible tariffs. Because much of this energy comes from variable renewable sources, it’s important for consumers to feel confident they are buying electricity at the right time – when green energy is plentiful and costs are low.

“At the same time, products such as Caldera’s innovative heat battery can provide a really valuable service – soaking up excess power and helping generators match supply and demand.

“Our family of intelligent controllers analyse all of the energy demands in your home – from your cooker to your EV and heat battery – to ensure you are charging at the optimum time. This creates a domestic ‘eco-system’ which means your home and your car is as green as can be.”

The two firms are trialling their new eddi controller on 12 Warmstone units being installed in pilot homes across the south of England this year, with commercial rollout commencing in 2022.

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