Guided Energy raises $5.2 Million to redefine electric fleet operations

8 February, 24
Guided Energy, software to automate EV fleet operations, from charge management and dispatch through to reporting and expense management, has raised over $5m from Sequoia Capital and Dynamo Ventures.

Guided Energy, software to automate EV fleet operations, from charge management and dispatch through to reporting and expense management, has raised over $5m from Sequoia Capital and Dynamo Ventures. Angel investors included Nico Rosberg (Rosberg Ventures / F1 Champion), Michael Rolle (DHL) and leaders across the mobility and tech ecosystem. This capital will be used to onboard thousands of commercial EVs across delivery, transportation and car rental fleets, which already includes some of the largest mobility providers like SIXT and Addison Lee.

The world is electrifying fast in the fight against climate change and fleets are no exception. Fleets are facing growing regulation, shifting customer demand and mounting public pressure to electrify but they lack the systems and tools to make the transition. They need to rethink their entire operations and account for new variables including range, power availability, cost of energy, weather, terrain and much more. Existing solutions just don’t work for this new complexity and the data fleet managers need in order to work efficiently, is locked up in silos across a fragmented ecosystem.

Guided Energy is an all-in-one EV fleet and energy management system. It connects with the entire EV ecosystem to show what’s happening and what needs to happen. Integrations with EVs, on-site chargers, external charging-networks as well as legacy fleet management systems give operators critical visibility and automate time consuming operational tasks from planning charge sessions and managing dispatch to reporting and expense management. Powered by AI, the Guided platform helps fleets of all sizes save up to $10,000 per EV annually through higher vehicle productivity, lower operating costs and avoided CapEx.

“Fleets have been digitizing their processes for the last two decades, but electrification has added new systems and new data that is incompatible with their existing operations.” said Anant Kapoor, Co-founder & CEO of Guided Energy. “By breaking these silos, fleets have a unified view across their entire EV operations, allowing them to use upcoming routes or jobs to schedule charging and real-time EV data to plan their dispatch and more.”

Sixt, one of the largest mobility providers globally, is already seeing the benefits of being a Guided Energy customer. “The need to electrify our fleet means that branches have to adapt the way they work to EVs, particularly when it comes to recharging.” said Marc Aubrée, Managing Director of SIXT France. “Guided Energy will optimize our use of charging infrastructure both on-site and on the road, enabling us to maximize utilization over the course of a day, while embedding external charging solutions directly into our operations.”

“Addison Lee has already electrified over a thousand vehicles in our transition towards renewable transport.” Said Richard Davies, Director of Data and Commercial Finance at Addison Lee. “Guided Energy is a critical enabler by leveraging data across EVs and chargers to optimize our ride allocations and charging so that we can deliver a better electric experience to both our drivers and customers.”

Guided Energy was founded by Anant Kapoor and Eric Daoud in 2023 to enable fleets to run both sustainably and profitably. Anant, CEO, is an engineer from the University of Cambridge & MIT and has led product teams to develop software used by thousands of fleets to track and cut their emissions. Eric, CTO, is a PhD in Machine Learning from INRIA. His research leveraged Machine Learning techniques to work on resource allocation and optimal transport problems.

“Guided Energy is building the operating system for the future of sustainable fleets. Leveraging machine learning, the platform gives customers an easier and cheaper way to charge, operate and manage their electric vehicles,” said Bryan Schreier, Partner at Sequoia. “Anant and Eric’s complementary backgrounds combining logistics product management and ML capabilities make them the ideal team to tackle this problem. We’re excited to partner with them on this next phase of growth.”

“Having spoken to fleets navigating the transition, we found that Guided Energy is the missing link to deliver an electrified future that is both sustainable and economical,” said Santosh Sankar, Managing Partner at Dynamo Ventures. “The ability to integrate dispatch, fleet operations, along with internal and external charging networks sets the baseline for optimizing and automating fleet operations, which boosts EV profitability for businesses.”

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