GEA Exchange: new machinery swap scheme boosts productivity and sustainability

6 July, 23
GEA UK has launched a new campaign, ‘GEA Exchange’, to support customers aiming to increase productivity and reduce waste and energy usage by upgrading their old machinery to more modern and efficient equivalents.

GEA UK has launched a new campaign, ‘GEA Exchange’, to support customers aiming to increase productivity and reduce waste and energy usage by upgrading their old machinery to more modern and efficient equivalents.

Major benefits of upgrading/exchanging include access to the most bang up-to-date class-leading technology, increased production throughput and reduced downtime, better energy efficiency and the potential unlocking of Industry 4.0 in customers’ production lines and processes.

The program will enable food processing and packaging companies to exchange an extensive range of GEA machines for newer models. The global technology specialist is also targeting users of competitor machinery who are dissatisfied with reliability or productivity issues – as GEA’s technology is renowned for its robustness and longevity.

GEA machinery is built to last and the company is proud of its outstanding customer service model that supports customers through the machinery’s lifetime; but like any older technology sourcing older parts for older machines can be prohibitively expensive. By participating in the program, manufacturers can save a tidy sum on repairs and parts and reduce the risk of an older machine breaking down, interrupting or halting production entirely.

Consider the CrumbMaster, one of the most impressive of GEA’s machines which has a stellar record in crumb coating and an unrivalled reputation for reliability and consistency. Under the GEA Exchange campaign, customers who have relied upon their CrumbMaster since it launched 25 years ago could upgrade to the brand new CrumbMaster Gen 2. The new model produces results equating to 90% less waste and giveaway and capacity is improved by 20% over the previous iteration – resulting in better product quality, better productivity and better business results.

Sam Cartwright, UK Sales Manager – GEA Food Solutions, said: “GEA Exchange is a top tier trade-in program, and we are very excited to launch it across the UK. GEA’s long heritage and expertise in food solutions have together made us the best at what we do, leading to 70% of the products that consumers buy in supermarkets having been touched by our technology. Our machinery is our pride and joy, and we want as many companies as possible to experience the difference GEA machinery will make to their production lines. It is a truly excellent proposal for both our customers and those of other brands.”

Long term, loyal customers in particular will be excited by the announcement: GEA’s UK customer base is well established and sizeable, with single pieces of older machinery common in the market. The company wants to reinvigorate its customers’ factory lines, so the scheme includes grinders, formers, pasters, fryers, mixers, blenders, bowl choppers, forming machines, multi-formers, coaters and cookers – and more. Everything needed to make the perfect production line!

Further benefits include GEA’s commitment to sustainability and the environment – the company will remove and dispose of your old machinery in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.

Sam Cartwright added: “We know that GEA machinery has always been and still is the best, that’s why we are offering this unparalleled trade-in program. Over 60 years in food processing we have refined our engineering expertise, in large part by listening to our customers so we know what they need to stay ahead of their own market demands. Everyone should have access to the most proficient and efficient machinery on the market, and this scheme presents the perfect opportunity for food businesses to exchange older machines, of any brand, for brand-new GEA technology that we know will boost their productivity and sustainability.”

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