Future Springs – The innovative water capsule revolution that respects the environment and is good for your health

30 May, 22

The problem of water quality is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity and is becoming a global priority.

Distribution is mainly in plastic bottles – one of the main causes of plastic pollution. Each day, 67 million plastic bottles are thrown away. Every year, from 1.15 to 2.41 million tons of plastic enter the oceans and there are currently 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, 250 for every human being.

Future Springs launches an innovative technological solution capable of solving the problems at the root and without compromise: mineral water in biodegradable capsules. No more plastic bottles and CO2 emissions!

The patented technology of Future Springs allows a distillation and sterilisation cycle at a very high speed with energy efficiency all within a very modern and small machine, perfect for domestic use.

The result is distilled H20, which can be produced at home and is the perfect base to allow the addition of hyper mineralised, biodegradable water capsules to enhance the distilled water and transform it into pure mineralised water, rich in nutrients, whilst providing a revolutionary and eco-sustainable model for the mineral water industry. The capsules allow you to have endless combinations of ingredients, nutrients, vitamins, as well as flavours with different levels of minerality, both with and without trace minerals,

Future Springs offers the market a ground-breaking technology not only for consumers but also for investors. Future Springs is a guarantee for very high margins, environmental protection and people’s health.

Eco-sustainability and tech disruption are the company’s mission and its goal is to radically revolutionise the current water ecosystem. Thanks to the solution of Future Springs, the need for plastic is removed, cuts transport costs and reduces over 90% of CO2 emissions.

Mauro Gazzelli, inventor of Future Springs comments: “It is now crystal clear to everyone that the excessive concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere is having catastrophic consequences. We also know that the release of carbon dioxide happens in the energy production. Energy with its ever-increasing cost is consuming the profitability of entire sectors of our economy and is causing so many social and political catastrophes. With this in mind, Future Springs approaches the bottled water industry by minimising energy absorption and maximises profitability with minimum carbon dioxide emissions. In a word: sustainability.”

The machine will be available on the market from the second half of 2023. Exclusive access to the pre-sale of the machine is already available by registering on the website.

There is also a form where potential investors can find out more about Future Springs and become part of the water revolution at: https://www.futuresprings.com

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