Eco-friendly residential development champions use of sustainable materials in construction to combat climate crisis

9 August, 22
Situated in rural Oxfordshire on the outskirts of Southmoor, Greencore Construction’s latest development provides an innovative solution to the ongoing climate crisis - sustainable housing which comes at no expense to the environment.

Situated in rural Oxfordshire on the outskirts of Southmoor, Greencore Construction’s latest development provides an innovative solution to the ongoing climate crisis – sustainable housing which comes at no expense to the environment. Spread generously across an eight-acre plot, Springfield Meadows consists of 25 custom build homes, all of which are eco-friendly in nature, with several making use of sustainably sourced Kebony wood.

Designed with a focus on environmentally conscious construction, Springfield Meadows has received widespread recognition as the most sustainable development in the country, demonstrating a firm commitment to low-impact living with a focus on net-zero energy usage, net-zero carbon in use, and better than zero embodied carbon.

Created to benefit both the environment and the community, nine of the homes are affordable in nature, making green living both an accessible and a sustainable option for residents. The high-performance homes provide comfortable, low carbon living as a result of the Biond system selected by Greencore Construction. The homes are Climate Positive; locking up more carbon than emitted and generating more energy than is used. PV panels are also installed on the roofs of the houses, all of which are built to international Passivhaus thermal performance standards, resulting in energy efficient builds which come complete with a sleek and stylish appearance.

By selecting Kebony Character for the exterior cladding of several of the homes, Greencore Construction recognises the benefit of using sustainably certified materials. A global leader in the production of environmentally friendly wood, Kebony’s pioneering wood-processing technology sees sustainably sourced softwoods heated with furfuryl alcohol, an agricultural by-product, modifying it to maintain the same durable properties of industrial hardwoods minus the same contribution to the carbon footprint. Kebony wood is both cost-effective and visually attractive, retaining a natural aesthetic which is in keeping with the rural location and surrounding wildlife.

Residents at Springfield Meadows are encouraged to adopt a green style of living, with excellent transport links and bus vouchers on offer to nearby Abingdon and Oxford. An electric car club, supplied by GRIDSERVE, allows residents to hire out electric cars on an hourly or daily basis, reducing the need for unnecessary car ownership and significantly reducing fuel costs. Other nature-focused amenities on offer include a community orchard, wildflower meadow, herb garden and shared green spaces, in addition to generously sized private gardens.

Greencore Construction has ensured the highest standards of sustainability by following the One Planet Living framework, resulting in eco-homes which provide a better quality of life for residents. Springfield Meadows is a direct response to the growing need for environmentally friendly homes which are specifically designed with sustainability in mind. All 25 of the properties have now been sold, with plans for future sustainable developments already in the works.

James Pritchett, Communications Manager at Greencore Construction, commented: “At Greencore Construction, we use as many bio-based materials as possible to build Climate Positive houses. It was a real pleasure to work with Kebony which played an important role in contributing to the success of Springfield Meadows. The project is thought to be the most sustainable development in the UK. The experience has been rewarding, through which we have learned a lot. As sustainability is beginning to revolutionise the construction industry, it is important that we look to identify the ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment. This is something we have achieved at Springfield Meadows, where every home is Climate Positive in nature.”

Nina Landbø, International Sales Manager at Kebony, added: “The Springfield Meadows development is a shining example of quality construction which prioritises sustainable alternatives to traditional building methods and materials. It is great to see Kebony used for this innovative project, responding to the drive for more environmentally conscious ways of living. The result is a collection of beautiful modern homes which encourage residents to enjoy a deeper connection to nature.”

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