Don Trucking and DFDS strategic partnership for sustainable road transport

1 September, 21

More and more customers want companies to be transparent with their greenhouse gas emissions and know how they engage with sustainability of their products and offers. DFDS acknowledges the issue of climate change and understands the need to be sustainably conscious and links up with Don Trucking to make a transparent supply chain by switching 20 diesel trucks to 20 brand new LNG powered tractors for their everyday operations. That change will also reduce the company’s own carbon footprint and will bring awareness to the heavy transport firms to aspire creation of better and sustainable future within the industry.

Currently Don Trucking has in its fleet 20 LNG – powered trucks and additional 40 will be added by the end of the year. Don Trucking aims to become the first carbon neutral transport company in Europe in 2025 and they plan on achieving this by changing to low-emission fleet entirely.

Additionally, Don Trucking supports Ecobal, an international initiative to preserve and revitalize forests in Europe, to further offset their greenhouse gas emissions via emission certificates which decreases their total carbon footprint by 15%. The collaboration between the two companies came out organically, simply through sharing the same values and the same vision of the future.

“We continuously work on improving our operations and transport visibility to provide for our customers the best possible service with fully transparent supply chain” says Michael Bech, Vice President & Head of Continent, DFDS Logistic Division. ”Only together we can achieve 100% supply chain transparency. This cooperation is to bring awareness to others within the industry and offer solution as multimodal transport. We try to focus on improving our sector and using LNG – powered trucks give us the opportunity to do so. We are very excited to have partners that share the same values and inspire to make logistical chain greener by using fossil-free biofuels.”

“I believe that this partnership is an effective counteraction to climate change in terms of neutralizing carbon dioxide emissions through building a transparent supply chain” says Don de Jong, board member of Don Trucking. “We need active initiatives and that starts with us. The partnerships between individuals as well as big firms is vital. Every company may improve their environmental goals, and many don’t even have them yet. It is very important to understand and take action now in the sustainable market shift since transport services continue to grow and additional efforts are needed in the coming years.” Through the climatic effects of many different activities a company makes daily, Don Trucking along with DFDS, show that knowing one’s carbon footprint is becoming an obligation especially within the heavy transport sector.

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