Bibby Distribution Completes Switch To Low-Emission Trucks.

8 January, 20

Bibby Distribution is now operating a 100% Euro VI fleet, significantly reducing its environmental impact and ensuring its trucks can operate sustainably anywhere in the country.

The completion of the 3PL’s four-year vehicle replacement programme means all of its 500-strong fleet, comprising DAF, MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Renault trucks, are running low emission engines and can enter any of the UK’s low emission zones without paying an additional daily charge.

Bibby Distribution’s Head of Fleet and Procurement, Adam Purshall, says:

“Reducing our carbon emissions is very important to us, as we work towards Bibby Distribution’s long-term goal of operating with zero waste, zero harm and zero environmental impact and having an optimal fleet is a huge part of that commitment.

“It also means a great deal to our customers who appreciate the focus we are giving to reducing their supply chain carbon footprint.”

He adds:

“Urban deliveries are an important part of our work and it’s essential we can operate in any part of the country without additional cost – something we have guaranteed by having a full Euro VI fleet.”

In addition to fleet upgrades, enhanced driver training and more efficient routing and backloading has seen Bibby Distribution reduce its carbon footprint by 10 per cent since 2014.

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