Barilla modernises its heritage with a Brand New Identity

22 September, 22

Barilla, the largest producer of pasta in the world, has for the first time in 25 years, launched a new logo and a more modern, friendly and sustainable, plastic free pack. The new logo celebrates the heritage of the brand by featuring its foundation year, 1877. Barilla is a staple of Italian history and has always been ‘A Sign of Love’ on Italians’ tables.

The Barilla brand story has truly gone full circle as the bakery where Barilla’s founder – Pietro Barilla senior – first made his much-loved pasta, is open once more. La Bottega, in Barilla’s home town of Parma, Italy, brings the history and future of Barilla together, stocking a wide variety of pasta as well as offering a view of the heart of Barilla – the kitchen where many of Barilla’s recipes and historical products have been created. Barilla Chefs will also offer memorable show cooking and taste experiences during special occasions.

Speaking about this new identity, Alberto Costella, Marketing Manager for Export Markets at Barilla, comments:

“The aim of this new positioning and brand identity is to inspire people with Signs of Love for pasta, for the communities people live in, and for the planet itself. Because it’s the small things that count and if a plate of pasta is a Sign of Love to show someone we care, then many more actions, done together can become a Sign of Love for our planet”.

“The new pack is designed to be a true Sign of Love, like carefully wrapping a gift for a loved one.”

Barilla was one of the first food brands to use a cardboard box as a pack, a box that is 100% recyclable and made of paper that comes from sustainably managed forests. In the UK, Barilla has already removed the plastic window from its packaging too. Other innovations in Barilla’s sustainability agenda include its new pesto, with a jar conceived to reduce food waste and the product itself made with basil coming from sustainable agriculture.

Barilla’s new packaging and logo is available on shelf now in Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Amazon and Ocado, through Barilla’s UK distribution partner, Euro Food Brands.

For more information on Barilla, its full range of pasta products and its sustainability targets, please visit:

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