Arts Help partners with Talenthouse, offering $3.5M to creatives to help raise awareness of the climate crisis

17 December, 21

Arts Help, the not-for-profit startup has partnered with leading creative platform Talenthouse to distribute up to $3.5M USD in grants to the global creative community. Artists from all disciplines will be challenged with developing creative work around the topic of climate change and in particular the risks associated with new technology including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, to help inspire social change.

Talenthouse will help Arts Help promote, manage and collect concepts and creative works. An initial brief will launch in December 2021 to generate content to raise awareness of the grants before the three grant briefs launch in 2022. Each brief will address different topics associated with climate change from the physical result of the phenomenon to the economic and emotional impact of it. A further brief aimed at Indie game developers will be launched in 2022.

Climate change is a real and imminent threat. The last decade was hotter than any period in the previous 125,000 years and there is a clear link between extreme weather and human activity. While progress is being made, some new technologies including cryptocurrencies are dramatically increasing our energy usage threatening this progress. It’s therefore vital that these technologies are developed in a sustainable yet scalable manner.

The grant project is launched in collaboration with a global movement called Conscious Crypto Creator (CCC) who are advocating for a new cultural economy built on sound economic principles, including NFTs built on clean blockchain technologies. Artists will need to complete the master class curriculum and make the CCC pledge to receive the grant funding.

“At Arts Help, art is utilized as a catalyst for social change, and our mission is to mobilise artists to harness the power of their creativity and ignite transformational change,” said Mo Ghoneim, Arts Help Founder & Chief Strategy Officer. “Traditional NFT minting and crypto mining processes require vast energy inputs and exacerbate environmental threats. Our partnership with Talenthouse helps us further our Conscious Crypto Creator mission and bring artists’ creativity to bear on developing eco-friendly standards for these industries. Together, we can empower artists to bring innovative solutions to global environmental challenges.”

Talenthouse is experienced at connecting its community with renowned organisations and brands seeking to develop authentic and culturally-nuanced content. The community of creatives are based in 195 countries and work across a variety of mediums from art installations and film to graphic design and photography. This is not the first time Talenthouse has helped with wider social and environmental issues. The partnership comes after Talenthouse’s recent partnership with the United Nations (UN) which generated nearly 17,000 multi-media creative submissions from over 140 countries in over 20 different languages to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talenthouse Co-Founder, Maya Bogle, comments: “We’ve always believed in the impact of creativity, not just in marketing, but also as a powerful way to inform, unite and mobilise wider communities into taking positive action. We are thrilled to partner with Arts Help on this amazing initiative to address climate change, and we’re confident that the global creative community will too.”

Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse says “Talenthouse is focussed on powering the Creator Economy and finding more ways to enable creatives to thrive financially and socially. This phenomenal initiative speaks to the heart of our mission, providing opportunities for creatives to be inspired to produce multimedia content and be remunerated for it. Creatives in our ecosystem have repeatedly demonstrated their passion to participate in purpose driven initiatives and we believe this ambitious goal to help them make more informed decisions when they are embarking on a crypto journey will inspire many to participate and fuel Arts Help’s global movement.”

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