Apostle Coffee becomes invitation only in a bid to find the UK’s most sustainable and ethically minded coffee drinkers

27 September, 22

Apostle Coffee is furthering its commitment to being the UK’s most environmentally friendly coffee company through the launch of an invitation only subscription service where members are challenged to prove their conscientious credentials.

Apostle’s new ‘How Green Are You?’ quiz pits potential subscribers against their own eco-knowledge, asking a range of questions designed to challenge the everyday choices we make and highlight the greenest. Those who score high enough become a Coffee Apostle and gain access to the UK’s most environmentally friendly organic coffee range.

To celebrate the launch, Apostle is awarding free three-month ‘Roaster’s Choice’ gift subscriptions to three of the highest scorers. After this, members will only be invited to subscribe if they prove their sustainability credentials or receive a referral from existing members.

Apostle provides award-winning organic coffee to support people on their climate positive journey. From bean to cup, the entire carbon neutral process has been scrutinised, accredited and perfected to ensure that it is the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally positive specialty coffee available in the UK. It can be ordered as a carbon offsetting subscription or as a one-off purchase.

The invite only subscription service allows Apostle to control the growth of their membership and safeguard their environmental pledges and commitments. For each new subscriber, Apostle plants a dedicated native broadleaf tree that will absorb around a ton of CO2 emissions, or approximately 10% of an individual’s annual carbon footprint. Subscribers receive a personalised certificate detailing their tree, a reusable coffee jar and regular deliveries of coffee in 100% compostable packaging and with free delivery. Subscribers also benefit from the ‘Apostle Points’ rewards scheme, whereby accrued points can be converted into pounds for use against future purchases or subscription renewals.

Apostle’s family-run roastery is ‘off-grid’, with energy generated onsite via a dedicated wind turbine and solar panels. All coffee is roasted to order and only the freshest beans are sent out. Each batch is perfected to ensure that every bean is bursting with character and flavour. The process is energy efficient throughout to reduce waste and emissions.

Apostle offers three curated collections, providing subscribers with over ten unique organic coffees from around the world. Subscribers decide the weight and pick a delivery schedule to suit them. Subscriptions can be switched, paused or cancelled at any time. Coffee is available whole bean or ground in six different styles to suit all brewing processes.

The Foundation Collection is the award-winning range that Apostle was founded on. It includes the award-winning Organic Signature Blend, the Organic House Blend that showcases the best of Latin America, and the Organic Sparkling Water Decaf which will change the way you think about low caffeine coffee.

The Discovery Collection is a carefully curated range of single origin coffee beans that offer a rich journey through the world’s best organic coffee producers with a different coffee sent out every four weeks.

The Exceptional Collection includes coffee of extraordinary character and unparalleled quality. This rotating subscription showcases limited edition batches and 85+ SCA scoring coffee beans, each one as unique as the terroir in which they are nurtured.

Apostle goes much further in its environmental pledges than the UK’s average coffee company. To further offset carbon emissions, Apostle have established a woodland regeneration project on land surrounding the roastery in partnership with a local permaculture site and supported by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. The ongoing tree planting and rewilding schemes allow Apostle to improve habitats and biodiversity and share these amazing achievements with coffee subscribers. Apostle’s traceable coffee supply chain is fully committed to sustainable practices, fair prices and regenerative agriculture. Apostle pays a fair price to it coffee producers, meeting at least the minimum Fairtrade foundation standards but in most cases more. The individuals and co-operatives Apostle partners with are actively improving the lives of their workforce and communities, providing support for families, education and healthcare. Through this commitment, Apostle’s ethically sourced coffee is of the highest environmental and moral standard.

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